Newsroom - March 2013

Ron Coleman and Jared Miller recently obtained two significant victories in medical malpractice cases for the firm's client, Quest Diagnostics. In the first case, the firm was retained after a trial held in Fulton County State Court resulted in a jury verdict against Quest and a subsidiary for nearly $5.5 million. The jury's award included a $2 million loss of consortium award, reported to be the largest award on such a claim in Georgia history. The firm was then retained to handle post-trial motions and appeals, if necessary. The litigation team developed additional fact and legal arguments showing that the damages awards were excessive, and presented argument on the post-trial motions to the trial judge. On February 5, 2013, the trial court granted the client's motion for a new trial on damages, holding that the damages awarded by the jury were speculative and excessive, vacated the jury's award, and ordered a new trial on damages. In the second case, the Superior Court of Fulton County granted the client's motion to dismiss and dismissed a medical malpractice claim with prejudice prior to discovery.

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Upcoming Events

2/28/2019 - Tracy Field, a healthcare partner in our Atlanta office, will be presenting "Legal and Practical Considerations in Analyzing Potential Overpayments" at the Long Term Care and the Law program for the American Health Lawyers Association in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 28 and March 1.

3/29/2019 - Tracy Field, a healthcare partner in our Atlanta office, will be presenting "Anatomy of an Overpayment Analysis for Providers" at the North Carolina Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2019 Annual Conference in Pine Hurst, North Carolina, on March 29.

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